From traditional upright memorials and tombstones to custom flat grass markers and bronze plaques, our craftsmanship ensures lasting tributes. Established in 1938, at M.C. Delandes we pride ourselves on serving all faiths and languages, providing personalized service to each family in Winnipeg.

If you’re in Winnipeg seeking custom memorial services, our offerings include custom headstones and tombstones. Our skilled artisans use the finest granites and advanced techniques like diamond impact etching to create detailed and durable memorials. We invite you to explore our online gallery, showcasing the quality and uniqueness of our work, reflecting the individuality of each loved one.


Beyond traditional memorials, M.C. DeLandes extends its expertise to commemorative signage and cemetary lettering. Our dedicated team in Winnipeg is available to assist with any special project, ensuring each piece meets your specific needs. With decades of experience and a reputation for excellence, we are a trusted choice for memorial solutions in Winnipeg.

Granite Sign

Our Winnipeg office, located at Unit 1 - 613 10th Street, is equipped to handle diverse memorial needs with professionalism and care. We focus on providing detailed consultations and personalized service, ensuring customer satisfaction. By choosing M.C. DeLandes, you can trust that your loved one’s memory will be honoured with a high-quality memorial. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.