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Never buy a monument from a brochure... not even ours.

With so many options available for memorials, choosing a memorial from a brochure may get a bit confusing. We encourage you to go to the display location where you intend to purchase and to speak to a Memorial Consultant. Scrutinize the quality of the memorials on display. Are they all one size and colour? If you look at two or more companies, you may find that there is different terminology used by each company. Each company may have their own “standard sizes and colours” and it could become difficult when comparing items based on the information contained within a brochure.

Make certain that you are
comparing “apples to apples”.

Keep in mind, just because it is the same size or colour does not mean that it is of the same quality. Like diamonds, there are many different grades of granite.  Some memorial dealers have been known to use second and third grade granites and sell their products for the same prices as those who use first grade granite.  More importantly, the carving and lettering is extremely labour intensive and can be done in a variety of ways. The quality of your lettering and design should be a major factor when purchasing. The same can be said about bronze plaques.  At M. C. Delandes, we pride ourselves on using only the highest grade of granite, employing experienced craftsman, and offering bronze products from Matthews International.

Demand deep carving and lettering.

Deep carving and lettering will ensure that the lettering and designs on the monument will be sharp and crisp. Some memorial dealers prefer shallow carving as it is much less labour intensive and costs much less. At M. C. Delandes, we deep carve all of our lettering and designs. There is a major difference between the two processes; always ask before you purchase.

Deep carving
Deep Carving Example

Remember that you are purchasing a monument because you loved someone...not because it is the cheapest.

Is there a reason that the price is less? When it comes to the final decision, many times the lowest price is difficult to ignore, however, ask yourself if this person or company will be in business in 10-20 years. How long have they been in business? Does this person or business have a manufacturing facility? Several one-person monument companies have come and gone, leaving their customers “high and dry”. More importantly, ask yourself if this person or company will be there if something goes wrong? If additional lettering is needed, can I count on them to complete this for me? Always remember that the saying, “you get what you pay for,” applies to memorials as well. M. C. Delandes offers Complete Monument After Care Services, and has been doing so as a family owned and operated business since 1938.

Purchase from someone that knows monuments.

Many times sales people are working on a commission and know very little about monuments. Their concern is primarily to maximize their commission, rather than your complete satisfaction with the memorial. Find out where the monument would be manufactured and what options are available to you. Most importantly, make sure that the person you are buying a monument from truly understands and is aware of the various restrictions placed upon Memorialisation by the different cemeteries.




In our gallery we have presented a small portfolio of our work erected in cemeteries throughout Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.


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